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Behemoth is an enemy in Fallout 4.

Behemoth Information



  • A huge, deformed monster that lives in swamp areas.
  • Its health, damage resistance, and damage output matches its size.
  • Resembles a giant version of a Super Mutant.
  • Throws rock from faraway.
  • Has a melee attack that crushes its opponents to the ground.



  • Forest Grove Marsh
  • Outside Fort Strong
  • Murkwater Construction Site
  • South of Walden Pond
  • xx


Behemoth Variations

Name Level XP HP DMG Resistance Perception Abilities Items



  • Don't forget the explosives. Grenades, Missile Launcher, and Fat Man are some excellent choices when taking this monster out.
  • There's a unique version of Behemoth in Boston Commons.
  • Make sure to have your critical hit charged up when fighting this.
  • Cripple the legs before trying to completely destroy.

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    • Anonymous

      These things are easy to take out as low as level 12 on survival mode. Closest one to vault 111 Ive found is at carhenge

      • Anonymous

        Ran into a Behemoth, a tiny car had a "Jangles the Space Monkey" sitting inside of it. If you pick it up, within seconds a behemoth walks up. Being level 14, a 6-crank laser with Ninja Lvl I (x2.5) sneak attack to the head only did about 2 pixels on its health bar. So, after a few tries, reloaded and ignored the monkey and moved on.

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