A Pillar of the Community

Brother Thomas
Giver's Name
Type Misc. Quest
Reward ??
Location Charles View Amphitheater
Previous Quest N/A
Next Quest N/A

A Pillar of the Community is a Quest in Fallout 4.

A Pillar of the Community Information

When coming across Charles View Amphitheater, one sees a large fire burning off some tires. When the player gets close enough to the amphitheater, he/she is apppoched by a man named Brother Thomas. He asks if the player wishes to learn about the peaceful community he has constructed. Here one can choose to follow him and listen or to continue on one's adventure.

If the player chooses to follow, he/she will be led to a backroom behind the amphitheater. Brother Thomas informs the player that the only way to fully achieve 'peace' is to relinquish all owned items. Should one choose to deny his requests they find that he has lied about letting them into the community. Brother Thomas and his followers subsequently attack the player with a plethora of melee attacks and long distance pistol fire. In addition to this, one may notice the autosave before entering Thomas's office.


  1. Follow Brother Thomas
  2. Choose to give Thomas items or refuse.


  • Charles View Amphitheater, Boston.


  • Brother Thomas
  • Indoctrinated Followers


Rad Resist.png

Rad Resist.png

Rad Resist.png

Notes & Notable Loot

  • A fedora from Brother Thomas
  • Ammo from dead followers.
  • A plethora of clothing inside the sleeping quarters.
  • Various melee weapons dropped from followers.

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